The Impact of Past Life Regressions on My Life

As an avid spiritual healer, I’m always searching for the depth of our true identity as a soul. Throughout decades, I’ve identified this search as a healing resource of enormous magnitude and transformation. I have been driven by a million questions & I’ve received answers that have evolved me to higher states of realization.

Over the years, this driving inner desire has placed me on a journey of in-depth states of exploration which create answers from the soul, coming out of such things as: prayer, meditation, yoga (with emphasis on ujjayi breathing) study of holy scriptures and texts, Buddhist insight practices, journaling, and self-reflection, to name a few.past life

Something new and big occurred to me when I discovered the identity and purpose of my soul through past life regressions. I’m bursting to share it with you! 

I first experienced a past life regression in 2013. After experiencing it just once, I knew I needed many more. My desire rose sky high.  I gained insights into my soul from a higher place than I’d ever experienced.

Within just a couple months of this first past life experience, I discovered Dr. Linda Backman, a top psychologist who trains and certifies professionals to be past life and between lives soul regressionists.

My primary interest was in discovery of the soul, the true me, you, or us! Past life regression was my passage for this discovery. I learned that the time spent in Spirit World during the regression was loaded with valuable information on the soul. It turned out to be fascinating!

But, here’s my dilemma.

When I shared with my husband that I wanted to take the past life regression training and learn how to give this experience to others, I also shared my dilemma that I needed someone to also regress me as well, perhaps a girlfriend.

Deep down, I wanted to have 100 regressions! But how?

My beloved quietly listened to my soul’s desire and then came the surprise of my life from my Mr. Wonderful! He offered to take the training with me so I could then experience as much as I wanted of these regressions where I could gain greater insights into the soul.

All this took place about and since that time, we have both had in-depth training and given each other over 50 past life regressions with most of the time in Spirit World, gathering valuable information about our souls! It has changed our lives!

One of the big surprises is by far lessened fear of death or dying.

Another surprise came from how we have known each other intimately for 27 years as soul mates. How could we possibly get any closer as soul mates! Well, we have! Through our regressions, we’ve been shown tremendous insights into our identities as souls. Many unexplained things about each other became explained. That’s an amazing statement to be able to share with you! Here’s an example.

Deep within, Scotty has a tendency to always and consistently be a unifier. It shows up in many ways such as being a peace maker in his business and personal relationships, consistently being all-inclusive, and empathetic. He also has a quality of light that is unexplainable to me.

Now, and as a result of regression, along with many other of his traits, I understand where these qualities come from, deep within his soul! It’s part of his true identity as Golden Light! His soul has truly been revealed to us both. As a result, our intimacy has gone sky high. Our level of connection is even greater than we ever dreamed it could be. We’ve entered a new era as soul mates that we didn’t even know was possible.

We’ve both seen great insights into my soul as well. I have come to know and understand my true self to a far greater degree. This has resulted in a self-realization beyond what I knew of myself before. I utilize my true identity every day, knowing who it is behind this face and body, who is observing and acting out myself. From this knowing state, I feel divinely connected, intuitive, and even psychic about some things. I can now read and identify energies coming to me through the divine channels, and wait for their messages, which always come.

How does this occur? When I ‘m in a state of regression, I am shown how this all works. Then, in everyday living, I recognize that particular feeling that arises out of certain identifiable energies and I’m able to distinguish which of them are energies that will bring a message, bringing me powerful insights, which lead to greater freedom and joy and deep peace (beyond anything that the world can give). Also, inspiration is off the charts!

Once I recognize that feeling and that energy package, I wait for the insight to emerge. It does so, every time. And beyond my wildest expectations.

It’s as though a channel has been opened up to me. I want to share it with you so you can also start experiencing this in your own way. It’s like a dawning. And I’m receiving more and more insights about our coming new world, which I will be sharing with you in more blogs. It’s all good news.

But for now, just know that whatever you thought was possible when you first started reading this, is actually a far greater possibility than you can presently imagine. Let’s open up to this together!

Here are some authors whose books I’ve enjoyed on my journey. And I’ve created a question and answer section on my website if you want to dig deeper.

All books by Michael Newton, PhD and the Newton Institute.

All books by Dr Brian Weiss and Dr Linda Backman.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s on my website. to those wanting more information on what happens in a Past Life Regression & Spirit World Regression.

Share your thoughts with me on my Facebook Page. I’d love to hear from you!

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