Why You Need to Meet Your Spirit Guide

As a Past Life Regression counselor, I love moments when my clients meet their Spirit Guides because I know they will receive immediate help with their present life problems.

This was the case with Rajan, a lovely man from India who came for a Past Life Regression in order to understand why his life had so much suffering. He was also curious about his life purpose and if he was on the right path. Such reasons are common to motivate people to seek a Past Life Regression.

After a brief induction period of deep relaxation, Rajan was taken to the first of two past lives he would be shown. Each of the past life scenes was brief.

The scene opened with him as a stowaway in a ship. He was penniless, dressed in rags, and was desperately trying to reach home in order to save his life.

The second past life opened in a scene where Rajan saw himself as a well-dressed man who was walking alone late at night, in a dangerous part of town. He was stabbed to death.

Both past lives revealed Rajan in desperate life-threatening situations. But why was this shown to him?

Once he completed viewing these two past lives, he crossed over to Spirit World, a place we go in between lives. This is where you can meet your Spirit Guide and come to realize yourself as a soul. It’s an amazing experience. It’s also the place where you receive answers for why you were taken to a past life.

In Spirit World, Rajan met his two Spirit Guides. (Most people have one). He was informed that he could call them Guildo and Brian. Both presented themselves as male. As the regression proceeded, Rajan became very fond of them and discovered he felt immensely comforted by their help.

His two Spirit Guides brought him on a journey to meet his Council of Elders, where he’d be given important information on how he was progressing in his present life. The Council of Elders is a group of entities who exude unconditional love and who oversee your life from a spiritual standpoint. They regard you as a soul. Their help and love, along with your Spirit Guide, is immense.

The Council explained the reason for showing Rajan the two past lives. First, as a ship stowaway, he was there as a result of running away from home to search for his fortune. He’d taken huge blind risks without first thoroughly thinking through a workable plan. Cutting corners created a desperate situation for him trying to get home as a ship stowaway.

Again, this same problem was revealed in the second past life where he had impetuously decided to walk alone in the middle of the night in a dangerous part of town noted for crime. He had not considered the risk to himself and wound up murdered. Again, he’d been reckless with his life.

Rajan then added that he’d suffered from this same problem in his present life. He said he often acted like a young teenager taking risks which created great suffering for him.

As the Council meeting continued, Rajan discovered that he’d received a lot of help from his two Spirit Guides.  And, he learned that because of their unseen help in his present life, he was able to interrupt the harmful pattern of risk-taking.

As he listened to his Spirit Guides and Council teachers, he felt comforted from no longer feeling alone with his suffering. He also relaxed in feeling understood for his mistakes as well as helped. This meant a great deal to him.

(When we fail to learn important lessons in our life, the lessons continued to be repeated in future lives until we awaken to what is creating our suffering. Our guides and teachers can’t do our work for us, but they can still help us. And, we can be even more empowered whenever we ask for their help.)

Rajan was encouraged to turn to his guides more often and to tune into their guidance for help. This practice would also increase his intuition which would establish an even stronger connection to his spiritual guides.

By his spiritual encounter, Rajan received important guidance that he felt would help him to avoid a lot of mistakes as well as make right decisions in his present life.

He learned that his life purpose is to also stop going through his life alone, without connecting with his guides. He’d been suffering from feeling alone since his dad’s death, as well as being far away from his home country. Now he was overjoyed to realize that, in truth, he’d never been alone. And he’d been watched over for many lifetimes. His guides and teachers had always been with him offering help.

Now he could live the rest of his life knowing and enjoying this spiritual connection essential to his success and happiness.  And in so doing, he could stop suffering from repeating the same pattern.

Ending the regression, Rajan was motivated to use more self-control and to pause for guidance at each decision and even every day. He was relieved and happy to discover these important lessons and to gain the knowledge that his guides were always with him to help and he eagerly looked forward to staying connected to them.

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