How Past Life Regression Can Reveal Your Life Purpose

Often, my clients come to a Past Life Regression wanting to know what their life purpose is and if their life is on track. Sometimes they’re feeling stuck.

This is a perfect resource for answering these questions. And the answer is often surprising!

A man came to me for a regression wanting clarity about his life, curious about his decision to separate from his family of origin a couple years earlier due to abusive treatment, which began in childhood.

The man was intelligent and noted that during the process of making this difficult decision, he’d become very discerning, preferring to think through things for himself rather than being told.

As a result of his deepened awareness and discerning capabilities, he concluded that the best thing for him to do, though immensely painful, was to move a long distance away and separate from them permanently. And he did so. Here’s what happened next.

During the regression, a scene opened where he described himself next to a river with a beautiful woman. And at the very moment they looked into each other’s eyes, they each realized they were deeply in love. It was a beautiful moment of love. My client was visibly smiling, enjoying the moment.

In the next scene, he saw several men on horses across the river. They had spotted his beautiful loved one and were crossing the river. He knew they were bandits and had wicked intentions.

He grabbed her and ran to a nearby hiding place, but the men spotted them and took her away. My client expressed deep regret from not being able to protect her from the men. He knew that since he was outnumbered, they would kill him to get to the woman. 

That was the end of the past life scene shown to him. Then, he regressed to Spirit World. Usually there’s a dying scene where the client crosses over. However, he went directly to a Spirit Guide who then took him to meet with his Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders is a sacred group of highly evolved spiritual entities who watch over your soul during its many lifetimes and help with your evolution in achieving your ever-evolving life purpose. They’re generally considered among your highest spiritual teachers in Spirit World and their assistance emanates with unconditional love and wisdom from your Highest Self. Often, when clients meet their Council, it brings spontaneous tears of awe, joy, and appreciation. It’s like coming home.

Why had the Council shown him that particular past life? I asked.

The Council then reviewed the past life and made remarks. “When you go back to think about the life we showed you, you should have protected her.” Then the Council said over and over, “Love must be protected.”

I asked, “But how could he have protected her?”

The Council answered, “You could have used your ingenuity. All you did was run and hide. You should have stood up mentally. You should have found a better way to protect her. You were falling deep into love at the very moment the bandits showed up across the river. Your intellect was crowded, lost in love.” They repeated it, “Lost in love.”

My client repeated the Council’s message in his own words, “Love is beautiful but don’t get sucked into it without protection.”

They explained how he could have protected her such as running around the hill, going to the boat on the river, doubling back to fool them. He didn’t try hard enough to protect love.

We continued with the important decision my client had made to separate from his family. My client learned that not only had separating from his family been the right decision, but it led directly into his life purpose of realizing that love is the most powerful thing in the universe, and it must be protected. In standing up for love, and not abuse from his family, he had protected himself from being the perpetual victim of harmful behavior.

What was the result of this decision on his overall soul journey?

The Council confirmed that he had clearly done the right thing, giving him clarity on his life purpose and journey as a soul. It turned out that responding to the need to leave his family was a monumental decision. What was perhaps most revealing & amazing was that this shift for him was the culmination of 1,200 lifetimes of his soul’s evolution! They said, “Enjoy the rest of your life!”

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